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Introducing Bugalugs Dental Care Water Additive – the ultimate solution for effortlessly maintaining your furry friend’s oral health. This revolutionary dental care product, crafted with care in the UK’s Lake District, sets a new standard in pet oral hygiene by effectively addressing plaque and tartar build-up to safeguard your dogs’ and cats’ teeth and gums.


Easily utilise Bugalugs Dental Care Solution by adding the recommended amount to your pet’s water bowl using the convenient bottle cap provided. No need for complex instructions; Bugalugs Dental Care Solution is formulated for simplicity without compromising effectiveness.


Bugalugs Dental Water provides more than just oral health benefits – it delivers fresh breath, protected teeth and gums, plus a noticeable reduction in plaque and tartar build-up.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with promoting your pet’s oral health without the stress of brushing. Our formula is odourless and tasteless ensuring your furry friends won’t even detect it in their water.


Proudly made in the UK, Bugalugs undergoes rigorous testing by humans, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Our product is cruelty-free, tested by humans, not on animals, reflecting our dedication to the well-being of pets.


Choose Bugalugs for dental care; with its natural ingredients and hassle-free application. Bugalugs Dental Care Water Additive is the ideal addition to your pet care routine. Invest in your pet’s oral health today with Bugalugs. Our pets deserve the best, and Bugalugs delivers.


Dental Care Solution

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