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Single PACK Brush-Stix Turkey & Peppermint 180g (1 Week Supply) 


Brush-Stix combine our unique Ruff-Brush TM shape and active ingredients to help whiten teeth and freshen breath. Go on and smooch your pooch.



Complementary treats for adult dogs and puppies over the age of 8+ weeks. Not intended as a meal replacement. Always have drinking water available. 1 stick per day for medium dogs 10-25kg. For smaller dogs, break stick in half. 


Potato, Tapioca, Glycerine, Turkey (4%), Dried Mint (2%), Yeast Extract, Dried Kale. Active ingredients* (Seaweed + Calcium Carbonate)

*With active ingredients to help freshen breath and reduce tartar by up to 80%.

Park Life - Brush Stix

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