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SINGLE Chill-Bix Honey & Chamomile MINI 100g (Small/Training Treats)


Mini Chill-Bix are moon and star shaped biscuits with calming properties, for boisterous dogs, or when it's time to Petflix & Chill...Zzz.

All PARK LiFE biscuits are made to the highest standards using just a few simple ingredients, meaning they're so wholesome, even humans can munch them!



Chill-Bix are complementary pet treats for Adult Dogs, and are not intended as a meal replacement. Always have drinking water available



Peas, Chickpeas, Turkey (10%), Rapeseed Oil, Dried Apple, Honey (1%), Chamomile (0.5%), Green Tea Extract, Valerian Root, Passion Flower. Nutritional Additives: Antioxidants



Keep me in the cereal cupboard away from hungry doggos.

Park Life Chill-bix (mini)

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