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Shampooch Dog Spa

The Home of Doggy Wellness

Bella, Cockapoo

"The team at Shampooch really understand how I like to look, they help me to turn all the other dog's head's at the park" 

Time for a visit?

Got a pooch in need of a wash, is there beard looking too long, or do you think they could with some R & R. Shampooch is the place to go.

Our recent Work

There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. Please see below some our most recent work


We love puppies

Well who doesn't? The difference with us is we want to make their first visit special, so they will want to keep coming back. 

Taking it slow to introduce the sounds and smells of a grooming salon is key. They'll also get a certificate for being such a brave puppy, with a lock of their hair as a keepsake.

Puppy Training

Problem Prevention

Start your socialization journey & reduce unwanted behaviors (max 4 dogs) 

6 Week Training Course

Learn recall, lead walking and impulse control & more

(max 4 dogs) 

One to One

Need some more specific help? One to ones are available for all ages of dogs.

We are so proud to be working with Parkers Canine Training, from our Monmouth salon you get help with training your new family member. Start with problem prevention before progressing onto the 6-week course.

(Currently, both are hosted on Tuesday evening)

Get to Know Us

It's important to know who your leaving your precious pooches with. Your dog will always be in safe hands with us. we always have at least one person trained in dog first aid in our salons (they also attend regular refresher training). 

Our team of stylists also regularly receive further training in new styles and handling, making sure your pooch is up to date with current trends.

The Full Experience (A full groom)


We start of with a shampoo and bath


Now to the dryers to tease out those curls


Trimming is next, with our great stylists


Finishing touches & a spray of perfume


Still time to play with our other guests!

The Home of Doggy Wellbeing

It isn't all about looking good. We are here to help your dog live their best life.

Our Monmouth salon will soon be offering even more dog wellbeing services. Making it easier for you to support your dog as it goes through all stages of life.

We will be expanding to include even more highly skilled people who can advise and support you with your needs.

Keep up to date with the pack!

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Opening Hours

Come and Play

Monmouth - 07895 171407

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm
Saturday (every other) 9am - 2pm

Usk - 07572 985840

Opening from 12th of June

Wednesday to Saturday 9am - 5pm


Opening Soon

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